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Listen up gents, this one’s for you!
Published 10 May

Listen up gents, this one’s for you! If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your wardrobe ahead of winter, you’ll want to read on. 

Today we’re sharing all the tips and tricks you’ll need to level-up your style. From shoes to accessories and everything in between, Robina Town Centre has got you covered with creative ways to refresh your style this season. 

And the best bit? It’s a whole lot easier than it seems to nail a fashion-forward look. Simply follow the tips below and you’ll be well on your way to being the best-dressed guy in the room. 

Nab some new sneakers
First up, let’s consider your shoes. Spotting old, ragged and worn-out sneakers in the bottom of your wardrobe isn’t a great way to start off on a fashionable note. If your sneakers are looking grubby and scuffed, it’s time for an upgrade.

Ready to step up your footwear game? Head into Platypus Shoes, rebel Sport, or Hype DC to pick up some box-fresh kicks. 


Men's Sneakers  (1)

Find the right fit
The most crucial rule of men’s style? It’s all about the fit. Yep, when it comes to men’s fashion, finding the correct fit really is everything. 

It’s time to purge all of those unwanted, overly baggy clothes and replace them with clothes that actually complement your body. When you hit the shops, look for jackets that hang perfectly off your shoulders, t-shirts that skim your torso and pants that drape comfortably. Tarocash, Politix, and Scotch & Soda are all great places to start your search. 

Behind every well-dressed man is a talented tailor. Pay a visit to Looksmart Alterations to have your clothes tailored to a perfection—trust us, it’s a total game-changer. 


Men's Tailored Shirts

Move on from your old trousers to these trendy new options
It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of buying the same style year on year, but with so many new pant styles to choose from, we dare you to give one a go. If you’ve been rocking the same style of jeans or trousers for the past five years, it’s time for a refresh.

Branch out from your old trousers and try the newest fashion options—whether they be classic chino-style trousers, fashion-forward joggers, or wool tapered fit pants. For colour, pattern and material choice, experiment with trending patterns like heritage checks, as well as bold colourways outside of your usual palette. 

General Pants, French Connection, and David Jones have a stack of options ready for you to try in-store.


Men's Trousers

Add finesse with accessories 
As they say, style is always found in the smallest of details. The quickest way to liven up your wardrobe is with the addition of some fashionable accessories—and the addition of a few considered touches can make a huge impact in transforming your style.

It could be something classic and timeless like a watch from Wallace Bishop—a sure-fire way to exude a sense of understated polish. Or, perhaps you’re looking for more of a casual vibe, in which case, a baseball cap from Myer will do the trick.  


Men's Acessories


Add a fragrance to take it up a notch  
Your style isn’t limited to your clothes; the finishing touch to a stylish ensemble is a signature fragrance. One of life’s simple pleasures is when someone walks by you, giving you a hint of their cologne or aftershave. The scent you wear has a powerful effect on how people see and remember you—and this is the perfect opportunity to make a great impression. 

To try these scents and more, visit David Jones, Myer, and Priceline. 


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