Top gift ideas for school friends
Honey I forgot the… present! Top gift ideas for school friends
We’ve rounded up some winning present suggestions for school kids of all ages, taking the guess work out of gift giving for littles, tweens and teens.
Published 25 May

We’ve all felt that sense of panic when Sunday morning rolls ‘round and the realisation sets in that someone's birthday party starts in a few short hours… and there’s no present in sight.

Before you make a mad dash to the shops to find a last-minute party gift, we’ve rounded up a few winners covering all age groups, making your shopping expedition that little easier. So kick that parenting guilt to the curb with these top gift ideas for school friends, available from a selection of popular Robina Town Centre retailers.  


Youngsters are (typically) pretty easily impressed with just about anything that moves, spins, lights up, makes noise or is brightly coloured - so tick off any/a few of those prerequisites and you’re probably onto a winner.  
Scooters are having a resurgence as the preferred mode of travel for cool kids, and the best part? You don’t have to spend much to get your hands on one as a gift for a school friend. Kmart’s range of two-wheelers start as low as $18 (!!!) - but our pick is the Light Up Wheel Scooter that does exactly what its name suggests for just a few dollars more. 

Speaking of classics - LEGO. It never really went anywhere and it’s still a firm favourite amongst kids of all ages to this day. Target’s LEGO Creator range is perfect for young imaginations, while the Friends and Minecraft collections are fail-safe options too.  

When you can’t bear the thought of listening to the Wiggles any longer, a pair of child-friendly headphones are a saviour. Big W’s Moki Volume Limited headphones are a super affordable gift for youngsters and are available in six colours.  

Nothing brings the family together (or keeps the kids entertained) like a board game.  And with a range of the good ol’ classics available in Junior versions, it’s an activity everyone can join in on. Wrap up the likes of Monopoly Junior, Five Second Rule Junior, or Risk Junior for your kid’s next birthday bash - all available from Myer and David Jones. 

Top Gifts youngsters   (1)

1. Target Lego Creator Surfer Beach House $69
2. Big W Moki Hyper Headphones - Pink $19
3. Myer 5 Second rule JR $29.99
4. Kmart Light up Wheel Scooter $22


Tweens can sometimes be a little trickier to buy for, with personalities, passions and favourite pastimes all coming into play as they navigate the space between childhood and adolescence. Thankfully there are plenty of top-trending gifts aimed at this pre-teen age range that will tick all the boxes.  

If you haven’t yet heard of Pop Its, you obviously don’t have a tween - so we’ll let you in on a little secret… these things are everywhere and are having a moment as the toy to have. We’re not 100% sure what they do, but they’re cheap, colourful and the kids love them - and Toymate Robina is one of the few places to get your hands on these elusive toys, so hot foot it before your next tween birthday bash. 

Tweens are quick to jump on trends, so take advantage of one of the season’s hottest items - The Snugget from Cotton On Kids. Designed as an oversized hoodie meets blanket, the Snugget is the latest in loungewear and encourages the wear to embrace ‘the snug life’.  

Another gift that is guaranteed to please is, well, practically anything from Smiggle - but if we’re going to talk specifics, the new, limited edition and uni-sex range of Sorbet backpacks will earn you some serious brownie points with kids of all ages.  


1. Toymate Pop it - Rainbow $9.99
2. Cotton on kids The Snugget Oversized hoodie $39.99
3. Smiggle Sorbet Backpack $54.95


Finally - the teens… We know it’s probably easier to have a conversation that lasts for longer than two minutes with your beloved offspring than it is to buy a gift that they’ll actually like/use, but we promise there are some easy gifting options out there for the adolescents in your life. 

We know how tech-obsessed our kids are, so let’s make sure they’re keeping their devices in tip-top condition (it’ll save our hip pockets in the long run) with a stylish and practical canvas laptop case from Typo - available in a range of cute/quirky prints and colours.  

Another fail-safe for teens are Lush’s range of eco-friendly, hand-made and vegetarian face, hand and body products. The best-selling Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser is perfect for any teen starting out in their skincare journey; a gentle, all-natural solution that cleans while nourishes and soothes young skin.  

This season signals a nod to the 90s, with oversized tees, chunky sneakers, gym tights and baggy jeans all making a comeback. Teens have been quick to embrace this trend, so why not get on board with a couple of affordable accessories? Scrunchies, bum bags and chunky jewellery are all affordable and on-trend gift ideas for teens and available from H&M Robina. 

And if your gift-ee has a penchant for beats and the occasional podcast, a portable speaker will be a serious crowd pleaser with just about any teen. Rebel Sport has a great range of speakers on offer, but for an entry-level price point, you can’t go past the Blueant XO Portable Speaker . 


1. Lush Angels on Bare Skin $17.95
2. H& M 3 Pack Rings $12.99
3. Rebel Sport Blueant - Bluetooth Speaker $69.99

So don’t panic if you’ve left your present purchasing to the last minute - Robina Town Centre’s expansive list of kid-friendly retailers will have you covered. And while you’re there, why not treat the fam to a quick pit stop at the all-new Timezone! 

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