Order From Your Seat
Order From Your Seat
Order From Your Seat
Take a seat in our Food Atrium and skip the queue with Order From Your Seat. 
We are helping to make your dining experience in the Food Atrium even more carefree and convenient with Order From Your Seat.
Find a seat in our Food Atrium, place your order directly from your mobile, then sit back while you wait for your food to be freshly prepared.

A range of our foodies are offering online ordering, so why not take advantage of special online rewards and order from your seat today!

Whether you're in the mood for a simple, well cooked Schnitzel, or something a little more filling like a burgo or parmy & chips, order your meal hot off the pan with Schnitz. Order Here
Schnitz order from your seat
Channel the vibrant flavours of Mexico with a few simple clicks. Just search 'Robina' to start your order and your favourite menu item will be prepared with the freshest ingredients and packed full of flavour. Order Here
GYG Order From your Seat
They say that happiness is the smell of freshly baked bread, and we couldn't agree more. Browse in store offers while you order online, and don't forget a cookie or two. Order Here
Subway order from your seat
We all know you can receive exclusive offers with the mymacca'sapp, so why not take advantage of this, while skipping the queue, customising your order and earning McCafe Rewards. Order Here
McDonalds Order From your Seat
There's 11 secret herbs and spices in every piece of KFC Chicken to satisfy your fried chicken desires! Plus access exclusive offers and secret menu items when ordering online. Order Here
KFC order from your seat