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Think differently and make this Mother’s Day extra special – here’s how!
Whether she’s near or far this year, there are plenty of ways to make it a Mother’s Day to remember. Try these simple ideas to keep you feeling connected.
Published 05 May

The usual Mother’s Day spa visit or brunch out are off the table this year, so in the lead up to Mother's Day, you might need to get a little more creative to show Mum the love.

Whether you’re at home or miles apart, there are plenty of ways to let her know you're thinking of her! These home-based and local activities and gifts will show her she’s a mum in a million.

Give her the royal treatment

Mums always put others first, which is why Mother’s Day should be all about putting Mum first. This will require a team effort, so recruit the rest of the family and get to work sweeping mum off her feet.

Start her day with a breakfast in bed (think pancakes, waffles or a fruity parfait)and pick some flowers from your garden for an extra special touch. While she’s enjoying a leisurely morning, take care of her usual household chores (hint: hang out and fold the washing, walk the dog, do the dishes, vacuum the house) and give her time to really switch off. Lunch? How about a surprise picnic? Now that it’s ok to head outdoors together again, you could organise a surprise Mother’s Day family picnic with edible treats galore.

Buy some bath bubbles and scented candles to transport her to a relaxing spa at home. and make her feel like a million bucks without having to spend it.

Transform her home into a haven…



Get crafty

There’s a reason those Grade 4 artworks hang in prized positions around the house – mums love a homemade gift. Get the kids to surprise her with art that she’ll be proudly posting on Facebook for all her friends to see.

Scrapbooks are lots of fun and a chance to take a trip down memory lane. Go through old pictures and put together a personalised photo album and jazz it up with craft materials and Mum’s name on the front. Kids can also use craft materials to personalise a photo frame for her favourite snaps.

Little ones might like to make her a friendship bracelet, or personalise some hair clips with nail varnish and glitter. She’ll need somewhere to store these trinkets so make her a keepsake box – necessity really is the mother of invention!

Put some heART into it…



Give the promise of a pamper

We might all be self-pampering in isolation for now but thinking ahead will give Mum something to look forward to and if you’re feeling like you need it too, make plans to go with her.

If you’ve already treated her to your home spa, why not top it off with the real deal and buy a voucher for a professional massage, facial or manicure. If she’s fretting about missing the hairdressers, pick up a gift card for her favourite salon so she can schedule the first appointment back pronto!

Treat her to…



Set aside some Mum time

There’s nothing mums want more than to spend time with their kids — and the bonus is, it’s free. So if you’re lucky enough to be spending this time with your mum, let her know how much you cherish being with her.

Play some board games, make a puzzle or cuddle up on the sofa in your PJs together for a movie marathon with snacks and a cosy blanket. If she likes singing in the shower and has secret dreams of being Kylie Minogue, set up a karaoke night and start blasting ABBA’s Mamma Mia.

If your mum’s sanctuary is the kitchen, try cooking with her or baking a Mother’s Day cake together. Suggest that she shows you how to make one of her favourite dishes- she will love passing down her prized recipes and you can enjoy the spoils of your efforts together…now that’s what you call a yummy mummy!

Get in some quality time…



Connect however you can

Being away from family is always hard, and especially so on Mother's Day, but thanks to smartphones and the internet it's easy to stay in touch.

Try video-calling over food – you could even order her favourite take out and have it delivered to her house to share in the meal together. Some apps such as House Party even let you play virtual games together so it feels like you’re in the same room (disclaimer: you might need a tech-savvy mum or some training time for this).

Go old school and handwrite a letter – try including reasons you love her or funny memories. Slip in some pictures, recipes ideas, pressed flowers – she'll treasure it forever.

No matter how near or far you are from your mum, Mother’s Day is about celebrating the women who raised us whilst remembering that not everyone is as lucky. So if nothing else, show your love –take the time to thank your Mum for being awesome and to tell her exactly how much she means to you.

Show her you care with…


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